Hello, my name is Bert Broadhead.

I’ve been based in London, working as in investor in real estate and real estate-backed platforms for 12 years. My work has led me to meet a huge variety of individuals and this podcast is dedicated to those leading the charge in improving the way we think about the built environment around us.

My interviews aim to explore emerging trends and themes within real estate by learning from those at the forefront of innovation. Alongside this, I aim to explore career paths and help provide potential road-map for career trajectories for those at the start of their career journeys.

This podcast is aimed at:

  • Those working in the sector, looking for inspiration or to keep abreast of changes;
  • Students of the sector;
  • Those from outside the sector, looking for further information of themes that may have drawn their attention, and;
  • People wishing to collaborate with the sector who are looking for an understanding as to how the industry thinks and works.

I hope these interviews inspire you with your own ventures and i'd be delighted to hear of any success stories arising from listening to them!

If you know of anyone working in the sector who you feel is engendering change in terms of how things are seen or done, please let me know and I will try my best to bring them into the podcast.

Thank you for listening.


Special thanks to Martin Franklin at East Coast Studio for his help in editing these podcasts and helping keep the project running. For further deals about Martin's work, please head to his website or contact him via Martin@eastcoaststudio.com.au