#18: Justin Shee | Founder & CEO, The Kohab

#18: Justin Shee | Founder & CEO, The Kohab

Can we better serve our ageing population through a new model of inter-generational co-living?

Justin Shee is the founder of The Kohab; a new inter-generational retirement living company, bringing old and young adults together under one roof to live in mutual support. The Kohab is both a potential answer to the age ghettos created by retirement living and a solution to the loneliness epidemic faced by both young and old adults in the UK. 

In this podcast:

  • What’s behind the growing epidemic of loneliness and how can our design and usage of the built environment help to tackle it?

  • Why are baby-boomers still reluctant down-sizers & renters? How can this be changed?

  • Should we revisit the rationale behind the current status quo of segregated “retirement” / senior living?

  • What are the advantages of inter-generational living, both for the residents and the wider society?

  • What are the financial models for encouraging the use of inter-generational living and how does The Kohab intend to nurture the identity of the community?

  • Can inter-generational living extend to even younger populations e.g. creches?

Justin’s favourite building is Henry VI’s Gothic masterpiece, King’s College Chapel in Cambridge. In terms of real estate innovation, automated valuation models (AVMs) are Justin’s hot topic to watch!

You can find & follow Justin on social media via LinkedIn or Twitter (@JustinShee).

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